UNILINC: 1978-2017

After 39 years of providing library systems and services to its Members, UNILINC has ceased operations as of 31st October 2017.

Most UNILINC Members were successfully transitioned to Ex Libris during 2017. 

A small number of Members decided to go to other system vendors.

*  For ongoing support from the UNILINC team:

* If you wish to make contact with former UNILINC staff or would like any other

   information please send an email to: unilinc01@gmail.com

* If you are interested in the systems and services provided to UNILINC Members by Ex

   Libris please contact:

   Amanda Healy

   Director of Sales, ANZ


*  For those interested in the long and ground breaking history of UNILINC (formerly

   CLANN) in the higher education sector please refer to the UNILINC archives held at the

   State Library of New South Wales.